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December 20, 2007

Why does the snow come and go

why can't the snow come and stay? Why does it have to come and go so fast?

GRRRRR, I like having the snow around, it brightens everything up and makes it look so clean and crisp and special. But when it starts to melt, it all just looks dirty.

And it looks like we wont have a white Christmas either:(

December 18, 2007

the Quest begins!

ok I finally am tired enough of walmart and my lack of prospects there that I am ready to search for a new job in ernest.

Any one looking for a good manager? I don't work Sundays, and I need about $35K min. and I am wiling to relocate.

resume below

Andrew Read Wall
406 S Mauzey box 64
Findlay, IL 62534
• Over 9 years experience with Wal-Mart in a variety of different positions.
• Over 4 years of experience in Management related jobs at Wal-Mart.
• Mild proficiency in Mandarin Chinese, in progress.
Missouri Baptist University, August 2001 to August 2005
St. Louis, Missouri,
• B.A. in Business Management, Graduated in August, 2005
• Leader, Creative Problem Solver
• Moral Builder, Team Builder
• Self-Motivated, Positive Attitude
Customer Service Manager, June 2007 to Present
Wal-Mart 2728, Mt. Zion, Illinois
• Organized logistics for running the Front End and handled all customer comments.
• Supervised register maintenance, wrote and delivered evaluations.
• Managed all cashiers, cart pushers, people greeters, and service desk associates.
• Coordinated the staffing of cart pushers, people greeters, cash registers, service desk, and miscellaneous floor positions each night.
• Raised moral and skill level of front end staff.
Customer Service Manager, September 2004 to April 2006
Wal-Mart 2600, Chesterfield, Missouri
• Organized logistics for running the Front End and handled all customer comments.
• Supervised register maintenance, personnel training, wrote and delivered evaluations, and wrote schedules for approximately one third of the store when needed.
• Managed all cashiers, cart pushers, people greeters, and service desk associates.
• Coordinated the staffing of Radio Grill, cart pushers, people greeters, cash registers, service desk, layaway, and miscellaneous floor positions each night.
• Formed the second shift front end crew into a reliable, efficient, and effective team.
• Set standard in quality of leadership.
Summer Intern in Management, June 2004 to August 2004
Wal-Mart 2600, Chesterfield, Missouri
• Learned about every area of the store and their job responsibilities on all three shifts.
• Learned how to create and run schedules for various departments.
• Supported Management staff by supervising projects, delegating tasks, generating action plans and timelines for projects.
• Managed the competitive shopping for the store during the ten weeks as an Intern.
• Learned the Merchandising rules that the Company utilizes to generate sales.
• Assisted in the hiring, evaluation, and termination process of Associates.
Customer Service Manager, August 2001 to August 2003
Wal-Mart 2600, Chesterfield, Missouri
• Organized logistics of running the Front End.
• Handled all customer complaints and comments.
• Managed all cashiers, cart pushers, people greeters, and service desk associates.
• Maintained productivity of front-end associates.
• Increased the productivity of the second shift crew.
• Completed all closing duties plus additional assignments.
• Substituted for store management staff whenever needed.
• Four Star Cashier, April 2001
• Associate of the Month, February 2001
• Four Star Cashier, September 2000
• Four Star Cashier, January 1999

December 13, 2007

I feel seriously out of shape

not that I am in bad shape, I just feel as though I have been very lax in my training of late. And in all honesty, I have. It's not entirely my fault, I have not had a lot of time and I have been very busy. But it's all coming to an end soon and I am determined to get back into shape soon, especially some serious sparring shape.


these are the areas I want to work on. I am calling it Operation STEPS! It's gonna happen y'all!!! I can't be a woosy 2nd degree, I won't have it!!

December 12, 2007

new job possibility

there is a new job possibility for me at Wal-Mart, so please pray in that regard.

It would mean moving, but I am ok with that now.

thank you!

December 08, 2007

kung fu promoton

I went to the kung fu xmas party tonight and was literally shocked to hear shrfu promote me to second degree.

who knew?!

I am very excited.

December 05, 2007




December 03, 2007

funeral info

Anna Mae Read-Thompson
Wife of one
Mother of 6
Grandmother of 17
Great Grandmother of 22

the visitation is from 5-7 on thursday.
the funeral is at 1 on friday.

both will be held at:

Weirauch J M Funeral Home PC
211 N Jackson St,
Harrisburg, IL
(618) 253-7136

if you have any questions my phone number is 217-521-9818

Well done, thou good and faithful

Grandma woke up in heaven just a few moments ago. It was peaceful.

December 02, 2007

thoughts of my grandmother

As I sit here in the hospital room with my mother and my grandmother, preparing to spend the night with my grandmother, my thoughts go back over the years that she has been with us.

My grandmother came to live with our family in '94, mainly so we could help take care of grandfather. It wasn't easy, because he was stubborn and cantankerous. I remember that he would fight us with so many things, even so far as throwing himself on the floor. When he went to be with the Lord, things changed a lot around the house.

Grandmother was a joy to have around throughout the day, she would cook and tell stories, she would talk with me. I loved to hear her stories. She would tell me of things that happened years ago, of how it was like in her day, of people she taught in sunday school who were now big names in southern baptist life. She would share years of wisdom and experience and inspire me with her spirit, her heart, and her dedication.

I think of when she would tell me of when Grandfather took over the boys sunday school class and she couldn't figure out why they were all so excited about their class until she spied on him one sunday morning, only to see him acting out the stories with the kids enraptured. she would laugh when she told that story, because it was so out of character for him.

or when my Aunt threw a temper tantrum and she had all the kids lay on their belly and yell and kick and scream just like her. That ended that behavior in my Aunt.

or when the tornado picked her up and carried her and set her down in a field with her father, not a scratch on either of them.

or when my own mother missed the iron lung by a prayer. The doctor told my grandmother and grandfather that when they came in the next morning they would see their daughter in the iron lung. They went home and got on their knees and prayed. They committed my mom to the Lord and His service and themselves to His service. When they came back, my mom was not in the iron lung. The doctor told them that it didn't make any sense but at X time her fever broke and she came out of it. They knew why, because it was that exact time that they prayed. From that time on, they all worked tirelessly for the Lord. And I know, I KNOW that when my grandmother wakes up, she will see the face of her Lord, the same Lord who delivered my mother from the iron lung, who filled their life with purpose, who gave healing in times of hurt, who changed their life and the lives of all 6 of her children, and many, many grand and great grandchildren, and when she sees His face He will greet her with open arms and tell her, "well done! Well done!"

Her dedication to the Lord's service was largely due to that experience with my mom. They gave themselves to God that night, and their daughter. It was because of that they my mom later gave herself to His service, and because of her example and steady teaching that myself, and my two elder brothers are whole heartedly engaged in His service.

She will be missed, not forgotten; mourned but with no regrets. I just pray that when I reach that time, I can leave as big an impact.

I have to ask the question, Where are you in your relationship with Jesus? are you lost and alone? Maybe you are facing a crisis in your life, the same Lord that saved my mom in her crisis can save you in yours. If you will surrender yourself and your situation to Him. It isn't always easy, my grandmother could attest to that, but my friend it is always worth it!! For in that day when you die, what will you wake up to? Will it be a loving face, and a well done? i sure hope so. I sure hope so.

or maybe, you're the believer who is floating along, stagnent in service. This could be the point where you surrender, as my grandmother did, to the Lord and His service. Something to think about.

This is the end of my grandmother's life on earth, but it isn't a sad time. It's a time of excitement, it's a send off!!

Good night!

update 6; grandma's condition

they just moved her to a private room on the 6th floor, room 648. I think at this point there is nothing that they can't do here for her that they could do in icu.

update 5; grandma's condition

The medicine wasn't working so the family convened and decided that they should take her off of it, so they did.

its all in Gods hands now.

She is ready to go, I know no one else more ready to go. If it is her time, then the Lord can have her. We will all miss her though, she is a great woman and has left a great legacy.

December 01, 2007

update 4; grandma's condition

the dr came in and explained to the whole family just now. the whole family decided that surgery isn't an option even though it was offered.

this is the deal: there is no further bleeding in the brain but there isn't any draining going on either. here is where it gets bad, her brain is replenishing its spinal fluid so the fluid buildup is creating a pressure buildup that has put her to sleep. she may wake up but the general consensus is that this may be the end for her.

they are not giving up, they are using medicines to help dry up the blood and water in the brain. hopefully it will work.

update 3; grandma's aneurysm

well its a waiting game now.

she is asleep, but they can't get her to wake up. the doctor says it may take her several days for the medicine to kick in. they did another cat scan but it is hard to tell, there may be a little more blood but they they think it is holding steady.

grandma is a resilient person but this may be the end of it, only time will tell.