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November 30, 2007

update 2; gma's stroke

she has NOT had a stroke,

appearently it was an aneurysm. She is also hydrosyphalic. So that means that in every area of her brain is flooded with both blood and water.

Surgery is not an option, so they are treating it with medicine. The doctor says that she may walk out of here in 5 days or she may have another one and that may be the end of it all.

more to come as it developes.

update 1; gma's stroke

they have admitted her to room #2024 in icu; in st mary's hospital in decatur

she has had a bleeding stroke as oppossed to a clotting stroke, which is the good because a bleeding stroke causes less damage.

she is really confused and disoriented. she told dad it was 1950, that she is 49 years old, she thought dad was grandpa.

the doctor said however that there is a chance she will come back from it and be fine. keep praying.


my grandma had a stroke this morning, we are with her at the hospital with my mom and dad.

they are admitting her and have a neurosurgeon on the team already.

will post updates as they are available.


thank you!

November 17, 2007

Back Safely

I made it back safely,

no jet lag.

thank you for all the people who were praying for me.

November 14, 2007

In Summary: Romania

I did two demonstrations, one on Forms where I demonstrated Chicken Form and talked about living in the Word In Turda.

The other one was an interactive demonstration for a class of special needs children in a Romanian school. I went in to this not knowing what to do, because nothing I had prepared would have worked in that scenario. But the Lord walked me through it and the kids loved it!!

In one gypsy church I talked through listening to the Holy Spirit and likened it to our san shou exercises, they were pretty expressionless throughout the whole thing, but that was the gypsy way.

I gave my testimony in every church, no matter what I talked about and I always closed out by talking about the rod of God and Moses.

to be continued...

November 09, 2007

my second testimony

Tonight I shared my testimony for my second time, in a small country church near Baia Mare, in a village named Gardani.

I shared the same testimony I gave last night, but this time I felt a little freer to share the details and not so bound by time. As I shared the part of my testimony where God spoke to me about my need to do go forward and accept Christ right now I pointed to a man in the back of the pew and I said that I was siting right where he sat when I heard God tell me "You need to go forward right now or you will die and go to hell." I really emphasized that point. Afterward, I was told that that man, named Sever was not a believer and had been consistently putting off accepting Christ. It all fit, only God could have known. Maybe he will hear the message that was just for him.

Tomorrow morning we drive back to Cluj to find out where we will go after that.

That's all for now, more to come later!

November 08, 2007

a word from Baia Mare, Romania

Tonight I write my first blog post from eastern Europe. That's right, I am in Baia Mara (buy a mar 'a') Romania.

Pastor Don and I are here alone from the group we came with, although we are far from being alone. The Lord is with us, as we can attest to in the simple fact that we arrived here safely. The drivers here are very skilled but also very big risk takers, I tried several times to capture a picture of the oncoming traffic less than 50 ft from us as we passed cars in our lane. We took mountain curves at very high rates of speed, in a van no less. It was very fun actually, and neither Pastor or I were scared, much to our surprise.

tonight we spoke together at the church here in Baia Mare, I gave a testimony and he preached. My testimony was basically my presentation minus the demonstrations and unique talking points. We decided this was best because of the time restrictions we were to work with, and of course everything took twice as long because of the translation process.

The people here are very friendly, and they love the Lord very much.

We have eaten out a lot, and I am drinking a lot of water (for me) because the restaurants are very stingy about their drinks, I have drank a lot of coca cola but their bottles are like 6 oz and they only give you one per meal. Despite this, I still am not drinking enough, but I am becoming familiar with water.

The Romanian language is an interesting blend between Russian and Latin, so at times it strongly resembles Russian, and others Italian or Spanish.

Tomorrow night we will travel a little ways to speak in a smaller church, where we will pretty much do the same routine.

The culture here is so different in so many areas we are assuming nothing in how to interact with people, we don't know what to expect in any given situation.

Well, I need to read my Bible and pray, and go to bed because it is almost 10 pm here.

good night all, with love from Romania!

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