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Joel in Kung Fu

Last Thursday night I was standing at the service desk at walmart talking with a man named Cory (a believer) about seeing Spiderman 3 the next night. We were both going to see it that night seperatly. He was talking about how he had not seen the first two movies. He said that it was odd because his roomate was obsessed with Spiderman and he hadn't made him see the movies, but he had made him watch lots of other movies. "It was a little disappointing, actually." He said.

Instantly this thought came to my mind and I told him this: "It's funny you should say that, because I wonder how many people walk away from us feeling disappointed because we didn't share our passion of God with them."

No sooner did I say this than a co-worker named Joel walked up to me, he has been trying to come to my kung fu classes and he wanted to talk to me about that. As he walked up he asked me, "What the H*** are you guys talking about?"
I looked at Cory and said, "like this" and then turned to Joel and said, "Funny you should say that, because that is exactly what we are talking about -- Hell." I pulled a gospel track out and shared the Good News with him. He prayed to accept Christ as his Savior that night at the service desk at Wal-Mart.

I walked away excited, but in a cautious way, for by his demeanor it was difficult to tell if what he had done he really understood. Tonight, he came to class, too late for class but just in time for church. Afterward I took his wife and him out to McDonalds and we talked. He shared a little of his life and we talked about the Bible and God and I was encouraging him to get into his Bible.

I think based on that conversation it might just have clicked with him. Hard to tell, but I will continue to follow up with him and we shall see if he begins to see change in his life.

Pray for Joel, specifically that God will speak to his heart, that he will make his committment to Christ real, and that he will see growth.

Also, pray that God will work out his work schedule so that he can continue to come to class consistently for that I think will be his avenue of growth.



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