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Elvira in Housewares

a few weeks ago, I was asked to go to a walmart store in Springfield with three other people and help them stock their shelves.

I led my team throughout the day and made a prospective contact for future witnessing named Joel. I also primarily worked that day with a girl from my housewares dept. named Elvira.

She rode with back with me, and in the car ride I was able to share the gospel with her. She was attentive and open, but not willing to make a decision then. I was very scared through the whole thing. I feel as though I should have given a stronger invitation, but oh well.

Pray that God will take my feeble attempt and use it to reach her.
also, pray for future opportunities to follow up with her. She is extremely impressed with my lifestyle and that was my primary stepping stone into my witness, pray that God will use it to continue to speak to her.



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Any attempt to witness is a strong and useful witness.

You did great, and don't let satan attack your mind causing you to think opposite. God makes our witnessing strong, and provides us with the right words at the right timing.

Being opened and attentive to the gospel is a positive mind set, but something was holding her back.

I pray for God's will to be done in this situation.

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