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Josh @ McDonalds

I witnessed to a young man tonight at Mcdonalds who sat down at the table next to mine and saw me engaged in conversation with a co-worker from Wal-Mart (who I led to the Lord last week, he came to church today) and his wife.

Josh was his name, he asked me "what's up with you guys and that book?"

nice lead-in wouldn't you say?

So I shared with him for a while and I began to tell him about why the Bible was so important.

Be praying for him, God did not lead him to my table and prompt him to ask his question in vain, I believe it was intentional.

Pray specifically that Josh will not be able to forget our talk, that it will stick in his mind like a bur on your pant legs until he gets it resolved.



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You are correct God did not lead him to you in vain. We methodist call that Previenent Grace, and important work of the Holy Spirit. God Bless. Uncle

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