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lesson in listening

as I was listening to the radio this evening, I heard the story of a man who was at a restaurant with his son. The young son was trying to talk to his father, but the father was busy eating. Instead of truly listening, the father basically said, "yeah yeah OK ".

Finally out of frustration, the son took his father's face in his hands and told him, "daddy, listen to me with your eyes. "

how profound is that?

It got me thinking about listening. I know a lot of people who do not listen very well. Listening done right, should include three types of listening:
1: Listening with your eyes
2: Listening with your ears
3: Listening with your mind.

When you listen to someone, you should look at them. Make a point to make eye contact.

When you listen to someone, you should make a point not just to hear what they say but actually listen. Make very sure you capture every word.

When you listen to someone, you should think about what they have to say. Don't just listen, understand what they're saying. What do they mean? Is what they said what they really mean?

can you hear me now?


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Thanks, Read. A good reminder. I'm finally learning how much more you learn about people when you really listen to them.

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