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my horrible day

I knew from the moment I woke up, that today was going to be a very bad, horrible, terrible, no good day.

I overslept, managed to still make it to work only moderately late, was only able to pack half my lunch,I felt horrible, nothing selled out of my aisle, the remodel crew messed the shelves up, instead of giving me money to mark stuff down several items went back to the original price, they messed with my peg hooks, there was a cart of junk waiting for me, they bent a hook into a u with merchandise still on it, i pulled a muscle in my shoulder while bending the metal hook straight so I could get the merchandise off the hook, I was forced to buy an instant ice pack and some icy hot patchs so I could move due to excrutiating pain in my shoulder, I didn't get anything done the first hour of work due to pain, I couldn't find a telxon or a printer, I finally found a telxon and printer but they wouldn't connect all day, due to said connection problems i couldn't print any labels, Marvin wasn't there to give me any money to get rid of stuff, they still don't have any one to replace me so I could go to sporting goods, I am running out of money from my pay check (no surprise), the stuff we marked to half the other day isn't selling fast enough, they keep giving me more stuff to put in clearance and I am running out of room, did I mention the telxon and printer wouldn't connect so I could print my labels, I couldn't do my job due to lack of resources which is intensely frustrating, my lunch was cold, I finally got off and got home and once again they locked the stupid door in the middle of the afternoon when they are home in a town of less than a thousand people after we have decided that that wasn't going to happen again (growl!!!), it rained today which means that I won't get the lawn mowed till next week, i ran out of ink in my printer and had to print my paper in blue, which ran out because it was a 68 page paper, i had an extra color cartridge but didn't catch it until about 10 pages was mixed color, despite the ice packs and icy hot patches my shoulder still hurts, i have to work tomorrow so I won't be able to go to stl until evening which was fine until my kung fu teacher asked me if I wanted to go with him to wentzville for a kung fu class at 230 in the pm but I can't cause I won't be there in time, and now I have to go to bed so I can get up and be at work by 730 am (I hate mornings!) tomorrow morning and I can't sleep because I just watched a really great movie (take the lead) and I am all excited!


ok, I am better now.

It was a really great movie?!?!


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I wanna see it! Let me borrow it when you come back, please.

what? the movie, sure.

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