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Kung Fu classes offered

Just in case you were wondering, I offer kung fu classes at two different locations in the central IL area.

On Wednesdays at 5:30 pm for all age groups I offer classes in Sullivan, IL.

On Fridays at 6-7 pm for children, and 7-9 pm for adults I offer classes in Findlay, IL.

Although there is no official age limits, I have found that 6-7 is the youngest children are best able to comprehend and perform in a class setting, there are exceptions however and each child is evaluated at their own level so feel free to bring them to a few free classes to see how they do.

Private lessons are available contingent upon times and locations.

my classes are affordable and fun, I think you will find them quite beneficial.

for more information about fees, style, or any other questions please email me


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