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Still stranded...

ok, so I am still stranded in StL. I have watched all of season 6 of Macgyver, and am sooo bored.

Last night was the worst thunderstorm I have ever seen, the wind I hear was blowing at 85 mph in some places. It blew a large portion of the roof off the building, most of StL is without power, and (the coolest part) I almost saw a funnel cloud form over top the building. Cool huh?!! It felled trees left and right in our neighborhood. So, I did the natural thing . . . went outside and started clearing the road, and directing traffic . . . in the middle of the storm.

What?! You wouldn't have?

Then it started raining, then it split a tree in half (just wind mind you) and so Finally Jon came home and he came out and helped me. Then another lady came out and helped, then two guys in a car stopped and helped us move the big branch, then a few other people stopped and helped and before long we had moved the equivalent of an entire tree out of the middle of the road. It felt good and it was loads of fun.

It just proves my theory of leadership. That a leader is someone who goes on before, which means that often he goes alone, until others follow. It worked this time.



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