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Ok, here is the picture: I go to StL for a weekend, and all of a sudden, my car decides now is a nice time to get all hot about it, litterally. It starts overheating, so I take it in, with promise of a short term loan from my brother, to get fixed.

Not so easy, its gonna cost me $1300 approx. to fix all that's wrong with it! Now, if I postponed the least priority and fixed the high priority, I could fix it for about $730 but still, that's a lot of money. Especially when I have about a buck fifty to my name and no ship coming in soon.

It's gonna be fun to see how God takes care of this one, that's for sure. Meanwhile, I am missing work, and in StL with nothing to do. Fun!!!!!! :(


So I figure I am already here longer than expected, and I am out of clean clothes. I put a load of clothes in the washer, and while I am doing so, a loud obnoxious bell starts going off in the hallway.

I am thinking, "what is this?" So I walk up to the bell, and read it: FIRE BELL. ohh, boy. I run into the apartment, put my shoes w/o socks on and grab my keys and phone and run outside. I get outside. I am all by myself, I see no smoke no fire. So I walk around the building, see nothing. So I go back inside, thinking I misunderstood the meaning of the bell. I do a walk through my apartment looking for someone, I tried to call the office, but couldn't get through. While on the second floor, I hear a fire truck pull up, and run back downstairs. Sure enough, that was the fire alarm. But there didn't seem to be a fire. so they all went home.

and then, after everybody left, it went off again. I think the alarm is busted.

fun filled exciting day so far.


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