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Humility # 4 -- humility defined

my mom, made a good point.

any attribute is more than simply an attitude or a concept. I has to be more than a mere perception, it has to go beyond that into action.

you cannot think you are humble and simply be humble. BEing humble implies living that concept, not simply understanding it.

Humility defined is this: "seeing yourself through God's eyes." This means seeing yourself as you truly are, not as others tell you you are, or as you see yourself, but as you truly are, in God's eyes.

And seeing yourself through God's eyes, you then act accordingly.

Many people misunderstand Humility as making yourself lower, which isn't all wrong for humility does indeed convey the idea of bowing low, or submitting to some higher authority. However, humility can be taken too far in that extreme and taken to mean making yourself lower than in reality you are. A humble man should display confidence in his ability because he knows what he can do. This is not always possible to do perfectly, because we do not have perfect knowledge of anything, even ourselves.

to be continued...


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