December 20, 2007

Why does the snow come and go

why can't the snow come and stay? Why does it have to come and go so fast?

GRRRRR, I like having the snow around, it brightens everything up and makes it look so clean and crisp and special. But when it starts to melt, it all just looks dirty.

And it looks like we wont have a white Christmas either:(

December 06, 2006

An exercise in Alliteration

I found a friend of mine who introduced himself with a series of paragraphs that used some really exceptional alliteration, one of my favorite tools in writing. I found myself inspired and as I began to comment on it in his comments I found this was my response:

Ni hao bu hao my brother.

Your use of alliteration as always is awesome, actually achieving an impressive arsenal of arching alliterations using an impressive array of letters to assemble an absolutely accurate as well as an articulate avenue of displaying your aptitude and artistic attitude. You have assembled quite the anthology while at the same time avoiding assanine accusations of any adult around. Assuredly, this author is assurting before this whole assembly that a more amplified archetype of alliterations could not be assembled without assiduous attention to the archaic as well as archane accumulation of ancient and likely accruing unneeded articles, adjectives, and adverbs simply to achieve an account that is more abundent in alliterations; which, as all are apparently aware of would be simply aberrent, the author of this comment not abhoring the idea assumes the achieving of such an ideal an acceptable and wholly adequate endeavor to be attempted by none other than the author of this article in A. Thank you for allowing me this opportunity to apply myself to the assignment and thus assure myself of the actual aptitude of the author to analyse and actually see if the ace's ability was askew at all. And in conclusion, as the audience assembled to analyse this article is assuredly aching in the action above articulated, the aged are even accruing an ashy appearence. I apologize, and ask ever so appropriately for my leave.

as always, Go with God my friend.

overall, an A +


you can read his introduction here

July 12, 2006

Faith or Science jokes

First Joke:

With all of the scientific and technilogical advances we have made, the scientific community decided that they no longer needed God. They could clone people now so God was obsolete. So they got together and elected an ambassador to go tell God to take a hike cause they didn't need Him anymore.

He with fear and trembling performed his duty well, and God patiently listened to him. After he was done, God told him, "that's interesting. Why don't we have a competition to prove whether or not you truly don't need me. We will have a man making competition, and we will do it like I did in the garden."

"no problem" said the scientist as he bent over to pick up a handful of dirt. "No no," said God, "Get your own dirt."

Second joke:

An athiest and a pastor were engaged in a hot debate about whether God truly existed.

The athiest said, "God doesn't exist. It's obvious, you can't see Him, hear Him, touch Him, or measure Him with a yard stick. Therefore He doesn't exist."

To which the pastor replied, "Ok, then I don't believe in gravity. Gravity doesn't exist."

"What do you mean gravity doesn't exist!" exclaimed the exasperated athiest, "Gravity is a proven fact."

"Well, by your standard, you can't see it, hear it, touch it or measure it with a yard stick, therefore gravity doesn't exist." Well, this continued on for quite a while, the athiest getting more and more agitated as they went along. Finally the athiest stormed out refusing to continue. He was driving home and had a car accident and died, and he found himself standing in heaven before God. "No!" he exclaimed to God, "this isn't right, You don't exist!"

God looked him in the eye and said, "Uhmm, I don't think you understand the gravity of the situation."


*propiatory note, although the first one is not mine, I heard it from someone, the second was written by me.