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An exercise in Alliteration

I found a friend of mine who introduced himself with a series of paragraphs that used some really exceptional alliteration, one of my favorite tools in writing. I found myself inspired and as I began to comment on it in his comments I found this was my response:

Ni hao bu hao my brother.

Your use of alliteration as always is awesome, actually achieving an impressive arsenal of arching alliterations using an impressive array of letters to assemble an absolutely accurate as well as an articulate avenue of displaying your aptitude and artistic attitude. You have assembled quite the anthology while at the same time avoiding assanine accusations of any adult around. Assuredly, this author is assurting before this whole assembly that a more amplified archetype of alliterations could not be assembled without assiduous attention to the archaic as well as archane accumulation of ancient and likely accruing unneeded articles, adjectives, and adverbs simply to achieve an account that is more abundent in alliterations; which, as all are apparently aware of would be simply aberrent, the author of this comment not abhoring the idea assumes the achieving of such an ideal an acceptable and wholly adequate endeavor to be attempted by none other than the author of this article in A. Thank you for allowing me this opportunity to apply myself to the assignment and thus assure myself of the actual aptitude of the author to analyse and actually see if the ace's ability was askew at all. And in conclusion, as the audience assembled to analyse this article is assuredly aching in the action above articulated, the aged are even accruing an ashy appearence. I apologize, and ask ever so appropriately for my leave.

as always, Go with God my friend.

overall, an A +


you can read his introduction here


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Very impressive. Not even going to attempt it.

ahhhhh, why not!!??

In my day. That person has a "SILVER TONGUE".

Uncle Riley

which person Uncle Riley, the author of the comment or the original introduction.

Sean's was so much better by the way.

of course, his was an original. mine was a simple exercise inspired by the work.

Perhaps this may prove to be positiviely pointless, but I perceive the potential to paint a probably preposterous picture of my personality as per the preceeding process.

I proudly proclaim that I am part of the "peculiar priesthood" pre-destined to be purchased by the punishment put upon the Prince of Peace and prepared to be presented to the people of this present place for the purpose of pointing to the perfect protector of my soul who provides the promise that I will be priviledged with his perpetual presence.

If, perchance, you are not persuaded of my passion pertaining to my pledge to please our praiseworthy patriarch, I am not perturbed. But I propose, presuming the possibility of prolonged presentation of our personal presuppositions, that this plethora of p-words, produced through pounds of perspiration, prove a prelude to productive prose that might push the pair of us to peak performance in our pre-ordained purpose. I persistently pray that you have peace, patience, and a profoundly perspicacious predisposition in all perilous positions. And by the way my name is Peter.

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