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my second testimony

Tonight I shared my testimony for my second time, in a small country church near Baia Mare, in a village named Gardani.

I shared the same testimony I gave last night, but this time I felt a little freer to share the details and not so bound by time. As I shared the part of my testimony where God spoke to me about my need to do go forward and accept Christ right now I pointed to a man in the back of the pew and I said that I was siting right where he sat when I heard God tell me "You need to go forward right now or you will die and go to hell." I really emphasized that point. Afterward, I was told that that man, named Sever was not a believer and had been consistently putting off accepting Christ. It all fit, only God could have known. Maybe he will hear the message that was just for him.

Tomorrow morning we drive back to Cluj to find out where we will go after that.

That's all for now, more to come later!