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homeschoolers poll

I was asked to give pros and cons of homeschooling vs public by one of my students.

I began by listing the 10 top reasons I could think of for why homeschooling is good when done right.

I need others to provide feedback, am I nailing it or way out in left field? Homeschoolers oppinion prefered, and I am not interested in a debate, however I am willing to hear your thoughts.


10 pros of homeschooling done right:

1: more one on one attention for student, studies show that this method has greater success rate at producing real learning.

2: builds stronger bond between parent and children.

3: fulfills mandate to parents to be the primary teachers/mentors of children.

4: allows parent a fuller ability to oversee what the child is learning and tailor the curriculem and learning style/pace to each child.

5: teaches the child to be self-disciplined, self-managed, and self-learning; three characteristics that allow that individual to stand head and shoulders above his peers from both public and private educational systems.

6: produces a child who is confident in his intellect, confident in his identity, and confident in his ability to deal with life.

7: produces stronger bonds between siblings and builds ability to interact respectfully with people of all ages.

8: statistically, produces children with higher maturity than either public or private school backgrounds, thus more ready to deal with adulthood.

9: contrary to popular oppinion, teaches the child how to socialize better and more appropriately.

10: builds an attitude of learning that is always on, unlike public/private school students who typically baulk at the idea of thinking outside of school hours.


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Very good, Read. I agree with your pros 100%.

But I'm curious...are you planning on defining for your student what "homeschooling done right" is? I've thought of a few cons, but then again, they might simply be a result of "doing it wrong."

good thoughts, let's hear your cons.

"8: produces children with higher statistical maturity than either public or private school backgrounds, thus more ready to deal with adulthood."

I think, what you mean is: "8: Statistically, on average, produces children with higher maturity than either public or private school backgrounds, thus more ready to deal with adulthood."

I'm not sure what statistical maturity means, unless you mean they're better at reading statistics. ;)

oh, and while i'm in the mood to correct your engrish, in your title, do you mean, Homeschoolers Poll?

yes, thank you for those corrections.

You are right on both points.

proper corrections have been made.

me again-please forgive my delay.

As for one possible con--well, you can tell me what you think. Your poll coincided with my first weeks in my new workplace. This is the first time in my life I've been in a completely secular environment. I was pretty unsettled by it. Truthfully, I do not wish I'd been earlier exposed, but I have been wishing I had been more prepared for it. Would you call this a result of a somewhat incomplete education, or is it really a downside of homeschooling?

On the other hand, can something that so drives me to prayer and seeking God really be called a downside of anything?


I meant and forgot to recognize that I could possibly be criticizing an aspect of my discipleship rather than the actual issue of homeschooling. Thoughts?

The Scripture tells us this:

"For your obedience is come abroad unto all men. I am glad therefore on your behalf: but yet I would have you wise unto that which is good, and simple concerning evil." Romans 16:19

so I don't see that as a negative, not only does it drive us to godly action as you have mentioned, but it lends credence to our witness by making us so starkly different to the world that they can't help but notice our godliness.

not a con, another pro.

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