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A week with Peter...and Peter...

I just spent a week with 1st and 2nd Peter (two of my students from St Louis) here in Findlay. It was an intersting experience, I thoroughly enjoyed it and I end the experience encouraged and inspired to continue on in the direction my life is going.

The week was full of mutually fun and encouraging/stimulating conversations and activities. We helped remodel the youth center at my church, went through a 5 part series from Answers In Genesis, lots of martial training and practicing, rearranged my room, cleaned out the garage, watched the Fantastic Four...

which leads me into the most humorous moment of the week. Coming home from Mattoon after watching the movie I found myself in the left lane at a light next to a car full mostly of teenager girls. As the light turns green we both start to progress forward, and she initially took off much faster than I, but then I caught her look over at me out of the corner of my eye and then suddenly slow down to be even with me. Initially I thought she wanted to race me and I decided to have no part in that foolishness so I continued especially slow and easy. She, however, wasn't going to be ignored that easily and so slowed down again trying to maintain her position beside me. This presented a problem for me because I needed to get into her lane to make my turn and she would not let me over (unknowingly) so I pulled a little trick. I took off real fast, and as soon as she matched me (as expected), I hit the brakes (of course making sure I would not run the risk of being rear ended) and switched lanes. Then I stopped at the next light after she went through. "That's the last I will see of those girls." thought I. I thought wrong!

Yep, they pulled over and waited for me. I passed them and they pulled in behind me. Once again positioning themselves beside me, they matched me and started honking at me. As I looked over at her, she smiled just that one certain way that you know young girls smile and waved. I raised my eyebrows, pursed my lips as though to express the thought "oooohh k?!" and waved back. Persistence was her strong suit, for she continued this constant honking and sticking to my car until finally I left the limits of Mattoon.

The Peters of course found this to be very entertaining, it was definatly an interesting experience. Goes down into my books as a first.

yep, Mattoon women are wierd!

good taste thought ;) jk



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That is just absolutely funny!

LOL! This is a story you will never forget!




you lost me

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