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amazing trivia of early Biblical timeline

Just thought I would supply this information for you guys to give you some perspective on the timeline of Genesis and why the geneologies are important in the Bible.

Did you know that Adam died approximately 1000 years before the flood? That’s all.

Did you know that Noah was only 9 generations down from the beginning of the world? Not that far along really.

Did you know that Noah’s grandfather was the oldest man to ever live and die (Methuselah - 969 yrs), who incidently died the year of the flood. I wonder if the flood was related to his death? Hmm.

Did you know that Adam was alive and well for nearly 300 years after the birth of Methuselah, who was alive and well when Shem (Noah’s son) was nearly 100 yrs old? that means that the Creation story could have been told to Methuselah directly from Adam! And to Shem directly from Methuselah! Only had to change hands twice to go past the flood!

Now, did you know that Shem was alive and well for 150 years after Abraham was born, and for 50 years after Isaac was born! that means that Shem could have relayed the story to Isaac, only changed hands three times to the father of the Israelite people.

Did you know that Isaac was only 77 (he lived to be 180 yrs old) when Jacob’s son Levi was born? Levi could have heard the story from Isaac his Grandfather and that only means that to the beginning of the 12 tribes of Israel, the events of Genesis only had to pass through 4 times!!!

Now get this! Did you know that Levi (who lived to be 137) was only 70 years old when a guy named Am Ram was born, who was Moses’ father? Hmmm! the Story of Genesis that is pre-Moses’ era only had to change hands 5 times before Moses put it into writing for us in the form of the Book of Genesis. Think about that!!!

simply incredible!!!

Noah, actually talked with someone who learned about creation from Adam!!!! Noah’s great grandfather still hasn’t died yet! Enoch was taken straight to heaven only 69 yrs before Noah was born!! Seth, the 3rd son of Adam, died a mere 14 years before Noah’s birth. Enos, who was Seth’s son, lived and talked with Noah for 84 years!!!!!

Imagine being able to hear about the Garden of Eve from your father as a child, and about Adam and Eve, and then turn right around and ask Adam what it was like because he is your grandfather!?!?!

Now from Abraham to David was 14 generations, from David to the exile was 14 generations, and from the exile to Christ was 14 generations.

Christ was 2000 years ago. Does that kind of make our whole history sound rather short to you? It does me!


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That's cool! I just finished a sememster of Pentateuch but we never put it into those terms. I like it.

isn't it cool! It really gives some perspective to the whole Old Testement story line.

"Imagine being able to hear about the Garden of Eve from your father as a child, and about Adam and Eve, and then turn right around and ask Adam what it was like because he is your grandfather!?!?!"

In relation to your thought, I wonder what it would be like to
communicate with Mary,and Jesus' disciples?! Imagine all the stories and insight spoken without a hit of doubt as you sit gathered in fellowship? WOW!

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