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Obeying God with our Whole Heart

Hello folks, I want to ask you a question: What does it mean to obey God with your whole heart?

I have been thinking about this question for several years. I most often see it played out, or put to the test, in cases where someone thinks they have found the person they "feel" that they love. Yet, maybe there is a problem, such as being unequally yoked. They think they know better than God, that their heart is telling them a higher truth than what God revealed to us in Scripture.

Or maybe it is a different issue, such as a habit. It could be any kind of addiction: drugs, alcohal, popularity, co-dependant relationships, music, sexual perversion. It all comes down to a willful choice to disobey God.

All of us Christians would probably answer that we wish to obey God with all of our heart, but does our behavior reflect that belief?

I had a conversation with a person once, the conversation was purely hypothetical yet it was an honest one. This person had the courage and intellectual honesty to admit that even if God forbid her from partaking in this relationship she would continue in it if her heart told her to.

Sad day!!!

By her own admission, she believes she is more knowledgeable than God!!!!!!!!

Although very difficult, how much better it is to choose every day and in every situation to obey God with our whole heart!!!!


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