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lying to ourselves...

ok, I am gonna preach about this for a minute so pay attention y'all.

I don't know who this applies to so take it for what it's worth.

I get so frustrated with people who lie to themselves and to others and most importantly, to God. I talked to someone just today at work who "talks a good talk" about her Christianity, when just the other day I sat and listened to her talk about her different parties she had attended and her worst hangovers.

For crying out loud people!!! How sad is that?!!? On one hand we say we want to serve God with our whole heart, and on the other we are blatently following our own heart. Do you realize what that means???????

Do you realize that you are saying that you know better than God what is right, and good?

I am sorry folks, but you don't have the right, to say that you know better than the God of all the Universe!!!! Do you realize that God wrote the laws that govern the entire universe, and enforces them?! Who are you to say that you know better than He, what is right and wrong? He defined wrong and right, and in the end it is His opinion and only his opinion that counts! So, go ahead, tell God your opinion, see what He has to say about it.

Proverbs 3:1, "My son, forget not my law; but let thine heart keep my commandments:"


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Sad isn't it, knowing what the consequences are for disobedience!!

How do you tell the people that they are living wrong, while maintaining a right attitude(an attitude of scripture with the nine fruits of the spirit)?

Before class, I sat with a few students.
One student asked me what I did over the weekend.

I responded,
"I went to church and spent time with family."

She responded,
"Yeah! I went to church too, praising and loving God. After, I went to a strip club."
My heart sank!

I responded,
"well, You're not living the right life!"

She said,"How is that?"

I responded,
"First, it's sexual immorality, not modest, and most important, it's disobedience to God. You're after your desires and not God's desires(every word of God)"

*She paused, looked around*

Then said,
"Oh, God wants us to enjoy life. What's a little fun; I don't drink or touch anything!"

I responded,
"God wants us to enjoy life within the parameters of what God says in His Word(Bible),and you say you didn't drink or touch anything...but you did!!You drank the sinful environment and you touched the strippers with your eyes and mind...."

*Everyone goes speechless*

I maintained a kind, caring voice, but still, I think I am a bit much for people at times. I care about their lives, hopefully they see it too, and not take it as judgmental. Personally, I try to learn and improve in each conversation.

Sometimes it seems like I'm knocking on wood if I talk about God or correct people, but praise God....I do not give up, I'm not ashamed, and I'm not afriad to speak (with gentleness and respect).

We ALL will make a difference for God if our hearts are in the right place.

Lets lift each other up in prayer, in living right for God!

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