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my second preaching engagement

I did my second ever speaking engagement tonight.

I preached on Half-steps and how the enemy uses them to back us into a corner. (text was David and Bathsheba 2 Sam. 11)

I gave a brief demonstration of how I use half-steps to position people in kung fu, and then talked about the text and then challenged them all to find their unique area of ministry.

it went well. I will do this same presentation in Romania (i leave in 7 days)

Sarah, a friend of mine was captivated by what happened during my presentation. I asked for a volunteer and no one wanted to come up, so in my attempt to get someone I verbally slipped and said "can I get even a small volunteer"

and like a flash a wee little lad named Cowen took off running, and he ran up front to be my volunteer. It was cute, and he did a great job. Sarah commented to me later that it was like what Jesus said about having to be like a child. Here we had all these adults scared to be my volunteer, and here comes this little child who RAN. great thought Sarah.

challenging to me even.

EDIT: I misspelled Coen's name sorry Coen. :)


His name is spelled Coen. He was so cute and trusting. It communicated very well.

I wish I could have seen that. I would have loved to have seen Coen up there doing stuff with you.

This would make a great short story for children and adults.

I believe there is a lesson to be learned by the faith and willingness Coen had to serve as a fearless volunteer.

I pray that the others were humbled by this simple act of faith, and not only did they see the cute in it, but saw the faith needed to be available for God to use them.

Coen didn't think,ask why,or say someone else will volunteer,
no...he acted upon the need with a faithful and focused heart.

Fellow christians:

Next time...

How will you respond to the need; to the call of God? Pride or Faith

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