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marriage advice


by Vonette Bright

**Here are some practical resources for a healthier marriage: http://www.familylife.com/default.asp

Bill Bright asked me to marry him on our very first date! No, he wasn't the impetuous sort. We had grown up in Coweta, Oklahoma, and we knew each other very well. Bill said he never wanted anyone else to be his wife. For several reasons, we waited for three years to be married.

During that time, we learned a harmonious marriage requires the couple to commit to six basic tenets. Here they are.
First, be certain each of you is rightly related to receive Christ.
Second, attend a pre-marriage conference to test your marriage readiness.
Third, have family devotions daily.
Fourth, pray together morning and night.
Fifth, agree to resolve your differences.
And sixth, be sure you have eyes for no one else.

Friend, build your marriage on Christ. The closer you are to Him, the closer you will be to each other.