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a prayer request concerning romania

I have a request of those people who read my blog.

I am going to Romania in Nov. 5-15, they want me to use my kung fu for some sort of spiritual ministry while I am there.

Naturally I am very excited, but its not over with yet, and there is a lot of work to do.

I am in need to two things:

1: prayer support, please pray for me. Pray for the trip, the people I am going with and the people I will be serving while there. Pray for the logistics of the trip as well. The airline isn't being cooperative and so I will have to pay an additional $400 more than at first anticipated.

2: financial support, the trip will cost me $1700 total and I only have about $600 in so far. I am supposed to have the money by the end of September and while I am trusting that if it is in fact God's will for me to go then He will provide for my needs and I am not worried I still believe that the need should be bathed in prayer. (of course money donations help :)

I appreciate all of your assistance.