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pinky qin na: what does it have to do with the Bible or Salvation?

I have often stated that if I can get control of your pinky, I have control of your whole body. How so? Simple, your body is a series of connected chains of movement, if I can control any part of it I can eventually control every part of it.

I teach this principle to my kung fu students, and as they understand it, it helps them to understand a different principle that parallels that truth. This other principle is a spiritual principle. Here is how it works:

Let us say that there is an aspect of the Bible that people question, a literal consecutive 6 day creation for example. Often people say that this isn't important in the grand scheme of things because it isn't a salvation issue. Basicly they say, "doesn't matter if it is true or not, it doesn't get you into heaven."

But I say this, "It is of vital importance because if you can undermine the authority of Scripture any where, then you have undermined it every where." Understand? It does effect salvation, because if we can't trust the history of the Bible then we can't trust anything it says, even its soteriology.

and by the way, it is a literal consecutive 6 days of creation. ;)

thanks for thinking about it!

God bless!!!