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ok, this is an update on me, I haven't written anything of value lately so I thought I would post this just to say that I have written something.

I am doing well, my car is parked in the driveway, going on two months now without running. Appearently, the AC compressor seized up and the pully won't turn. That in turn prevents the whole drive belt from turning fast enough to start the car and keep it running. I will have to have the car towed to a shop and have a bypass pully installed as it is too big a repair to do ourselves. I don't have the money, however I serve a great God, and shortly after determining that I would have to have it fixed by a mechanic, Wal-Mart notifies me that I have been underpaid and that they are going to repay me that amount with interest -- the amount is more than enough to fix my car. Isn't my God amazing?! So now it is just about waiting for the check to come.

I started working two jobs about 4 weeks ago, I now work at Subway, I bring in about 70 dollars a week take home and that just about takes care of my gas and food for each week. That frees up a lot of money to pay towards bills, and maybe now I will be able to make some progress with some of my bills.

I am still working with my youth group and in March we will be going to a youth event in Indiana, so be praying for my youth group, we still have a lot of growing to do there.

I am seeing a stirring up of Believers at Wal-Mart where I work, and that encourages me. In my work with the youth I have been confronted with a lot of disappointment at first, and I had to re-evaluate my thinking process (that was a good thing), but still struggling with a burden for these kids and the disapointments that come from not seeing that potential realized has been somewhat countered by God sending me a few young people at work who have really encouraged me by their own strength of faith and hunger for God. Thank God we serve a God who knows us so well, and knows how best to keep us going.

I have been working on reading the Bible through this year, and so far I am on track, reading the NIV this year (I have read the KJV and the NLT already). I have enjoyed it. I am working on memorizing Hebrew 11 and have been spending a lot of time thinking about how the part that faith plays in our walk with God. It is rather eye opening, although I am not sufficiently able to articulate it at this moment.

I have been taking my Sunday School class through the book of Genesis chapter by chapter, hoping to establish a foundation in understanding other events throughout the Bible. I have also been trying to encourage them to get active in reading the Word for themselves, with rather dismal results so far, but I will not give up on them. I remember the difficulty that I had in that same endeavor at their age, and look at me now. There came a time in my life when it just clicked how important it was, and then it got a lot easier. I pray that time comes with them also. Meanwhile, I am trying to give them the understanding of the Biblical worldview that they need to have when that happens. to make an allusion to the movie, Facing the Giants, I am preparing for rain. :)

well, that's all for now, drop me a line and let me know how things are going for y'all. I love to hear about it.

thanks for thinking about it, and may your love for Jesus Christ grow ever deeper and ever broader!


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Amen, God provides!!

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