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car update

my car refused to start two weeks ago, thankfully, my father was right across the street when it happened. I called him and he came over, we couldn't get it to start, so we drove home in his car. We had it towed home the next day, and then after much wait (didn't have time to mess with it) we got the starter off, which tested bad and was a warrentied item so it was replaced free of charge.

We got it on yesterday, but it still won't start. We charged the battery up fully but still no go. It is giving us some strange symptoms and so Jason and I are going to see if maybe something wasn't done right in the installation and maybe that will fix the problem.

Pray for my car please, I just need the problems to go away.


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Nice, a community of helping hands is a blessed community.

I pray for all indiviuals involved in assisting you to repair your car, may they see the problem quickly, and repair it with ease...Amen!

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