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I recently was told by someone that "God should just be happy that we even come to church."

What are your thoughts on that matter?


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Wow. That almost hurts me to think of it.

To say something like this, you would have to have an utterly false understanding of Who God really is, what He really wants from us.

Or maybe they know, but pride causes them to resent it.

I value the fact that they were willing to be honest enough to admit it, while at the same time am so shocked that I am at a loss for words as to how to respond. That is kind of like saying that we should be happy that God even made us, He shouldn't do anything else for us.

I totally agree with you Amanda, it must stem from either an ignorance of God's nature but also an ignorance of our nature.

I see someone who is angry, under conviction maybe. Either saved and under conviction about growth, or lost and under conviction about salvation.

Either way, I request prayer for this person, who we shall call "C".

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