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Comrads in Arms

My testimony:

I was born in Ft. Worth, TX on Dec. 5, 1981 while my father was in Seminary. I was born into a strong Christian family. I was 5 years old when I knew that I was a sinner, and that if I didn't accept Jesus into my heart and my life as Savior and Lord I would go to hell, despite what I believed or my family's faith. Yet I let fear hold me in its icy grip for two years until I became more afraid of hell than I was of being in public and of water. The day was Dec. 4th, 1988, it was a Sunday. It was the last day of an outdoor tent revival, and I had been fighting it all week. On that last day, I heard God tell me, "It's today, or it's never." I knew that if I didn't face my fear and win today, then I would lose my whole life. So that moment, without my father who had promised to walk up with me all week, I moved out of my seat and made my way to the front to talk to my pastor, Larry Marlin. I could hear my mother tell my father, "well, go with him." and I knew my father was following me. I walked to my pastor and I told him, I need to accept Jesus as my Savior. He asked me a few questions, and together, my father and my pastor and I prayed that Jesus would enter my heart and my life, forgive me of my sins, and take control of my life -- and you know what? He did. And I have never once regretted it.

My ministry:

My ministry is the result of my spiritual walk intersecting with the lives of other people, both in and out of the church. I use my martial arts to build bridges and communicate spiritual truth to people. I use my blog to use my writing skills to inspire, encourage, educate, and exhort other people to a life of godliness. I use my job as a place to share God with people. I teach Sunday school, I volunteer assist leading the youth group at my church, and I mentor people individually in their spiritual walk. All of this requires a great deal of study and training and I sometimes walk a fine line in terms of having the ability to perform those functions. I make mistakes, I often find myself unqualified and in a quandry of how to answer questions, prepare and present the next lesson, conduct the next class, plan the next activity, fill the next roll.

Please pray for me.

Now that I have gone first, it's your turn. You may not do anything like what I do, you may do less, you may do more. You may just do one miniscule thing (in your eyes), but please do share. We need the prayer and support of all of our comrads in arms to make it through. I know that I need prayer, and I know you do too. So please, in the comments, share with me your testimony briefly and a short description of how you share in the kingdom burden so that I may be praying for you and together we may all bear each other's burdens in love so that the body may be edified.

don't be afraid, everybody does something, everybody has a testimony, and everybody's is equally valuable and important. Don't let fear rob you of the support, and me the opportunity to pray.


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nearly 10 days later and no testimonies, no stories of service to pray for. This means either:

A: no one reads my blog.
B: no christians read my blog.
C: everyone is too scared (a shame)
D: no one is serving, but they can still share testimony.
E: everyone is too busy to write that complicated a comment.
F: some combination of the above.

I certainly hope that this is not a sign of the record low numbers of christians out there, and even few numbers of christians serving for that would truly be a travesty.

Here goes...forgive my initial shyness.

My Testimony:

My sister was the evangelist who made it clear to me that I should be saved. I was six. Late one night (we were probably breaking the lights-out rule) she explained to me what it meant to be saved. I knew at that time that I wanted to do this thing, but I didn't. The time of action came later at church, when my sister volunteered me to go forward and be saved. The circumstances were uncomfortable (everyone was staring) but I still knew what I needed to do. My pastor prayed with me that evening and I was saved.
Seven years later, at camp, I realized that I had not allowed my salvation to change my life. Ashamed, I committed to God in my heart that I owuld begin letting Him make a difference in my life. He was more than willing--I've never been the same since.

My Ministry:

I'm at a place in my life where changes come hard and fast. Things change in some way at least every 4 months. But one thing that isn't changing is a burning desire to show the real God to people who don't know Him (especially those who have been deceived into thinking that they do), and to communicate His real love to anyone who comes close enough.
My favorite way of doing this is just talking to people. I like to find their heart, then do what I can about what I find there.
Admittedly, I'm a flawed vessel. I'm not good at doing what my heart wants me to do. But God is good, and very wise. He manages to use me no matter my shortcomings.
As for prayer--
I'm soon starting work with a Hospice care organization--I'll be seeing some people who are staring eternity in the face. I need courage with grace when I speak to them.
I'm corresponding with a whole mess of campers from this summer. I need wisdom with grace when I write to them.
I'm at Bible College, surrounded by brothers and sisters in Christ. I need the eyes of love when I look at them, to see what God sees and what He would do for them through me.

Thanks, Read, for the encouragement. We'll pray for each other.

I hadn't put it on because I'd put it on my site a while back. Here is the link: http://julie.marzhillstudios.com/index.php/general/the-truly-ultimate-makeover/

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