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Making Contacts in the Martial Community

Today on my way home from work, I stopped in to check out the local Martial Arts Academy in Mt. Zion. Devore Martial Arts Academy and I introduced myself to the instructor there, Jeff Devore.

He seemed like a nice guy, and we chatted for several hours. He has a nice attitude about the whole thing, focuses a lot on the humility and family orientation of his academy. A real generous man, he offered me the opportunity to come out some night and be a guest instructor. I plan on taking him up on his offer some time.

I figured that it would be good to get my name out there in the local community as a new guy, trying to get started teaching. Couldn't hurt, and I would rather learn about someone first hand than listen to other people's rumors.

And who knows what can happen from these chance encounters.



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wow! looks like a positive opportunity!
*Prayers ascend*

Sounds good to me.

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