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Humility # 1 -- asking the important questions

What is humility? Can any of you define it? How important is humility? Can any of you measure it? Can you recognize it when you see it? Can you know if you have it?

A proud man sees himself as humble, so does a humble man see himself as proud? If you have achieved humility, and recognize it, does that by default make you lose it?

What is humility?


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Good thought provoking questions. I look forward to your follow-up posts on this.

Being a doctor, I am faced with a thin grey line between arrogance and confidence.

Paul spoke with authority yet was humble. Hitler spoke with authority yet was arrogant. What are your thoughts on that distinction?

speaking with authority doesn't make you humble or arrogant. It only sometimes creates the perception in other people's minds that you are arrogant.

Now, if you are speaking with authority because you can't fathom the possibility of being wrong, that's arrogance.

If all the knowledge and experience and resources at your disposal seem to indicate a certain conclusion, that would not be pride.

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