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An update on me

Ok, well a lot has happened to me while my blog was in remodel.

First I want to take the time to give a nice big public thank you to my web administrator/whatever-I-need-computer-person, Jason Wall. He fixed all my problems, YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your work and time spent is not unnoticed and very appreciated. every one say thank you to Jason.

Now, I no longer live in StL. I moved back home to my parents, Findlay IL. Back into the neighborhood of my other computer geek brother (love and affection only :) ) Jeremy and fam. (Julie, Amie, James, Christine, Anna, and Noelle) who live in Sullivan.

I have been active in the church there (Sullivan SBC) and starting in September will be teaching the 7&8 grade Sunday School Class. Also, I have become an Assistant to the Youth Director Jeremy Rhoades and so now I wear the hat of a youth leader. I have really enjoyed it.

I had to take a step down from my supervisor's position to transfer within Wal-Mart so now I am a Cashier at the Mt. Zion Wal-Mart. I like it ok, but I am bored with it. I just put in for a transfer to the sporting good dept. and hope that will be more interesting.

I have been teaching my eldest brother Jeremy kung fu privately (open invitation for others to attend) at his house on Wednesday before church. His kids join in a lot, and sometimes we can't actually train due to interruptions but it keeps me sharp on my things and gives me the experience in maybe teaching more actively later.

In September, there is the chance that the church will let me teach a kung fu class with an emphasis on building Biblical Character on Sunday nights. That will be a challenge, but I am looking forward to the opportunity. (prayers requested)

I am still planning to join the Air Force Officer program when I eventually pay off my School debt (just my direct to school debt) so I can get my diploma and transcrips (a pre-req). I want to leave Wal-Mart eventually, I am closing in on the 10 year mark and would like to hit it, just to say that I did. Then I want to quit and find another job, prefferably before I quit.

The trouble is that one of the reasons I am here is to save money and reduce expenses so I can pay off debt and establish a better footing financially. Looking for another job would probably mean taking a pay cut, at least initially, until I can get into a job that pays on a professional level. So I am looking at stayin with Wal-Mart for at lest another 2 years so I can reduce as much debt as possible before having to take that step. Meanwhile I am looking around to see what opportunities are out there. Of course, the Air Force is my first pick, but getting into the AF isn't easy (as an officer) so I am planning a second choice. (prayer requested here also)

Well, that seems to cover all my bases for now. Hope to get into the habit of posting regularly again quickly. I missed it.

Talk at Y'all Later!! (tayl)


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