Christianity a religion?
as I share...
in memory
wake up call
a new direction
advice for the new year
the windows that appear
my future
The Ministry of Everyday
a new direction
Prayer request
seminar success
happy b-day to my mommy!!!
life is so busy
please pray
Kung Fu Tournament
Waging War against Worry

new opportunity
Flash Gorden and his band of Mercenaries
How to survive an armed robbery
A letter to God
my first robber/assault
the gorrilla
happy b-day!!!
it's done, almost sort of...
april 27, the number 31
amazingly close
countdown continues...
countdown continues...
countdown continues...
co-workers poem
what is wisdom?
days left
countdown continues...
personal update
skill of ministry
love, republished
rap song, you'll love it!
spiritual warfare, again
a burden
the Master Swordsman, and His weapon of choice
my favorite things...
the far blue mountains...
Black Sash
the countdown cont...
prayer update
please pray
first day of the Bible Study
"How do you make it?"
the final word
The Color Black
a dream in the making
counting down
Welcome to the World Series, ST. Louis!!!
the inherent association of spirituality to martial arts
segrigation of life, and the integration of Christ
some words to make us think
ok, breath...
i am extremely busy...
what we already knew?
loss of a child
heart gonna explode
ok, why can't we just go back to horses?
just a quick update
more monotonous minutes on me
car died
a little about colorado
funny story
I am back!!!
mission: CO
the music of the night
this last week
update on my life
just stuff
riding in cars with family
blah blah blah
man is a product of choice
the attitude of gratitude
the return ride
Around the World in 80 Days
evening bike ride turned swimming lesson
more stuff
spiritual warfare
slaves of heaven
Lung Fu #2
Prayer request
my uncle
new readers
the 4 loves, C.S. Lewis
Lung Fu
idle chat
manual truck
my cousin
a book about love
meaningless midnight meanderings
Quote of the Week
my cousin
off to visit my family...
I am a sucker for a good love story
my cousin
I made it
paper on discipline
It is almost over
off to kill myself
Happy B-Day Jon!!
About Love ~ final draft
Today makes 2
Insomnia is a ...
Following the Call of God
A passage from "The Case for Christ"
More friendly fighting for fun
Interesting tidbit
Birthday wishes!!!
A case for Christ
Quote of the week
an associate
Tomorrow begins it...
The Passion
My vacation
spring break
classes for next year
Quote of the week
My advice to incoming college students
spring break
my first all nighter for this semester
midterms, half way done
friendly fighting for fun...
We made our goal and the news too!!!
the walmart spy...
Chinese New Year!!!!!
work related stuff...
just for fun
Points of Strategic Impact
Quote of the week
Quote of the week
Happy B-Day Brody!!
New Years Resolutions
Away from the holiday blues
Who can know . . .
my new niece
my sister in law and my oldest brother
my final presentation, I kicked butt
Freedom from Fear
Tides of Darkness
who will it be, if any, who will be with me?
my birthday is today
Quote of the week
I pledge allegiance to the Lamb
15 years!!!!!!
my birthday!!!!
entry # 100
Words to think about
Quote of the Week
a young child scared of hell
just a thought to think about
Quote of the Week
just stuff
Quote of the week
Quote of the Week
An apology for Wal-Mart, part 1
this last weekend
Quote of the Week
Quote of the Week
Quote of the Week
Wow, have I been slackin...
you know you're poor when...
Quote of the Week
Kung Fu ministry
Quote of the Week
the Ash n Wall
my iq
Quote of the Week
Quote of the Week
trichotemy or dichotemy
Quote of the Week
please comment
What does Kung Fu have to do with Christianity?
Leadership Law #1
Fuel for spiritual conversation
Quote of the Week
Prayer request
life at work
Quote of the Week
Quote of the Week
my work
A tip on witnessing...
a demotion to be proud of...
chicago mission trip
Quote of the Week
Quote of the week
My best friends wedding
Quote of the week
go ye and make disciples
A thesis for ministry
so what is a minister anyway?
can you walk and talk at the same time...
to explain redundancy...
me in business
Quote of the week
why do americans...
What really makes a great leader?
Smile, It confuses people
what does wal-mart have to do with homeschooling?
the little things we miss
I love to tell the story
Great News!!!!
Top 10 Combat Principles
Self Defense-addendum
Why I Witness
A thought about Love
wo fung jia le
ahhh, this is the life
Self Defense
why can't i be artistic?
Leadership impute
new members
Leadership Law #3
Really old kung fu movies
Ministry Thesis
What kind of blogger am I?
to minister, or to be a minister
Leadership Law #2
Tides of Darkness
Perception of People
to blog or not to blog...
A day to study
A prayer request
I have a new home!!!
I am awake waaaay too
Today was a good day.
I started work yesterday with
I just thought I would
My brother, Jason, tells me
DuiBuQi: My most sincere appologies
Can you walk the talk?
To: Jason From: Read Subject:
I heard from my logic
I tried to study today
I am at school, waiting
This is my first post