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January 07, 2012

taking on students

I am planning on taking on students starting in the summer of 2012 in the Saint Joseph, MO area. check out www.kingdomwarrior.org if you are interested.

January 05, 2012

How I came to be, chapter 1

First of all you have to understand a little about my family background. My mother's mom and dad had 6 kids, my mom was the 2nd youngest of the 4 girls and when she was 9 years old contracted polio. My grandfather took that personally because it was at his protest she didn't receive the vaccination. I don't know why he protested, as it wasn't a religious conviction they ever held to avoid medical attention. But despite his guilt and all their prayers, the consequences of that choice remained -- my mom was in the hospital with polio, and her fever would not break. It got so bad that the doctors told my grandparents that if the fever didn't break then when they came in the next morning they would see their daughter in the iron lung. They went home and got on their knees and prayed. They committed my mom to the Lord and His service and themselves to His service. When they came back the next morning, my mom was not in the iron lung. The doctor told them that it didn't make any sense but at X time her fever broke and she came out of it. They knew why, because it was that exact time that they prayed.

From that time on, they worked tirelessly for the Lord. Her dedication to the Lord's service was largely due to that experience with my mom. They gave themselves to God that night, themselves and their daughter. It was because of that commitment that my mom later gave herself to His service. When she graduated high school she attended Detroit Bible College and studied to get her BS in Religious Education, and it was there that she met my dad.

more to come later,